President's Message

Greetings Cape Codders!                                                                                      8/13/18

  I am writing this as we wrap up our August co-rally with the Yankees. If you missed this rally, you missed the best food any rally will have until we come back to Canterbury! The rally was held at LaRose’s in Canterbury, Ct.  The hosts, Roger and Margaret LaRose did an incredible job. They are wonderful and gracious hosts who also work with a dedicated team. From great meals, to Homemade desserts, everything was of the highest quality and was also in plentiful supply. The main meal was PRIME Rib. Sorry if you missed this one.
Thank you, Roger & Margaret.
We have just one rally left for 2018. Horseneck Beach in Westport Ma. is always a great rally. It is also our last business meeting of the year. At this meeting, we’ll need to discuss next year’s agenda, portable generators and new board of director members and any issues that you’d like to bring up. At this rally, we do a little bit of giving back. We police the parking lot by picking up any accumulated trash along the edges. It takes about an hour and the place looks great afterwards. We also donate to the Beach. The hosts are the Casey’s and Mastrobattisto’s. This is always the symbol crash closing for our year. Please plan to attend.
I’d like to take a moment to talk about the Board of Directors. We need two new members. This is about the easiest job within the club. I’d like to see two people who can bring fresh ideas, to act as consultants to the officers. Ideally, the board member would attend at least two rallies per year. Our business meetings are in May at Second Beach and then again in September at Horseneck Beach. I would hope that these are the minimum number of rallies a new board member would commit to. I think it is difficult to consult on the direction of the club without having had experienced some rallies. Additionally, it would be nice to have board members host or co-host a rally. I think these are the types of involvement it takes to support a club and help the club hold 5-6 successful rallies per year. It would be great to try new venues as well. I know we are committed to Second Beach, Scussett and Horseneck. That leaves 3 possible rallies available to try new venues. Please bring ideas, brochures, memories, whatever you have regarding potential new venues.
So that’s it. Please plan on attending the Horseneck Beach Rally. Please plan on attending the meeting. Come with fresh ideas for rally locations. Have Fun.

John & Lisa






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